Sources on GamerGate and Philippic against Jemma Morgan.

Everything I have gathered on GamerGate  It was simply to long to put in the description bar of the video.
Huffpo video

Whashington Post article

Polygon on Anita death threats

Irrational Atheism.

Being Femme in the Gamer industry Mandy Myers

Leigh Alexander’s dos and don’ts of sexism

Rolling Stone article on Anita Sarkeesian and GamerGate

Storify Diagram on threats

Good Blog on “taste privilege.

Polygon Letter from the Editor on GamerGate

James Fudge editorial

Gamma Squad article

Open Letter to the Gaming Community Andreas Zecher

View story at

Business Insider on the open letter

Guardian on how to attack women in video games.

NPR on Gamergate

4chan chat logs showing that they crated gamergate to harass Zoe Quinn

Hero Complex blog

Business insider on the “debate” among gamers on the efficacy of sending death and bomb threats.

Gawker on Gamergate

Poopsock Holmes (gotta love that name)

View story at

Jezebel (That will piss the MRA/MSM folks off)

Boycott publication list from Reddit

Jsingal on GamerGate

Why GamerGate won’t die

The Week on how GamerGate has backfired

Playboy gets in on the act.

Washington Post asking the obvious question why aren’t men in tech standing up for their female counterparts. (not there have been those who have)

Democracy now

Collection of GamerGate misconceptions.

Sid Meier one how game designing should be.

CBC radio interview

GamerGate origins

Truth about “Quinnspiracy”

Right wing Connection to Gamer Gate (no surprise there)

Cyber Harassment and Pew Research Numbers

Death and Taxes on GamerGaters that were pissed somebody didn’t take a bribe

Zoe Quinn showing nefarious shit happening

Mangotron gets doxxed by gamergaters.


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